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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your service fees?

Our service fee depends on how many years we are cleaning, what accounting software you are using and how complex the clean up is going to be. It is free to consult with us. When we know the scope of the project we will be able to give you a quote.

Do you offer monthly bookkeeping service?

We absolutely do! We are a branch of Bookkeeping Network LLC. So when a client decided they want to continue with hiring us as a monthly bookkeeping we forward you to our Bookkeeping Branch.

Do you provide training after the clean up?

We do! We want you to have a clean and accurate boks all the time.

Do you file Taxes?

At the moment we do not offer tax preparation. However as part of our service to you we are able to talk and communicate with your CPA or Tax people regarding your financial records.

What accounting software should I use?

We love Quickbooks Online. However we are not limited to it. We are experienced and experts of waveapps, Xero, Quickbooks Desktop, GoDaddy.

Do you work with apps integrating with QBO?

Yes we do! As a ProAdvisor we are trained to use apps. Our accountants are all tech savvy.

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